"Each book in this series is so uniquely written. I just never get to guess the plot. Which is great reading." - Amazon Review

Cocker Brothers by Faleena Hopkins has charmed the world with over 850,000 copies sold - 24 books published and 6 more to go, each book featuring a different family member or close friend. 

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Cocker Brothers. 

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Just One

More Kiss

Ready for a movie that will melt your heart? Just One More Kiss is coming to theaters beginning Feb. 20, 2020. 

Streaming soon after. The novel based on the film by Faleena Hopkins now available for pre-order.

What would YOU do if you had more time with the one you lost?

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Novelist and filmmaker, Faleena Hopkins specializes in stories about love in both books and movies, and family loyalty is a huge theme in all, even the supernatural books. 


She was also a professional photographer for a decade, and retired her camera in 2015 when writing took over her life. The years of experience behind the lens helped inform her directorial debut, the movie Just One More Kiss. It releases Feb. 20, 2020 in theaters after winning Best Feature Film at BAFF.

She lives in NYC with her rescue dog, Sophia where she drinks too much coffee and not nearly enough wine.

@Hop Hop Productions Inc