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I've heard from some of my readers that Tuck Yes sounded different than my Cocker Brothers novels, and here's why.

On July 18th, 2019, I had an unexpected surgery that left me minus one fallopian tube and something not meant to be on it. The healing process wasn't easy - took me about a year and a half from complications - but a writer has to write.

Since I couldn't sit at a desk for months, I dictated the first two books in Tuck Yes (and also May Cocker's book) and then sent my audio files to be transcribed by a service, editing when they returned the text to me.

This photo shows some of the chapters/pieces of Book 2 - Not Single For Long - when Zia was named Piper. I changed that during the final draft since it didn't fit her. She was definitely a Zia.

If you'd like to hear a section - a deleted chapter - click the play button. You'll experience me finding my way, and saying all punctuation, even 'new paragraph' aloud so the transcription service would be accurate. You'll also hear the sounds of New York City, since I lived over the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, at 80 Varick Street, the building I ended up giving Zia as her home. 

It made the time fly while I lay healing, because The Muse doesn't wait when you're a writer. It whispers in your ear and gets louder until you put words to paper...or audio file.

x, Faleena Hopkins

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