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Now he has more than

one mystery to solve.

"I block out the rest of the world and I'm suddenly back in Atlanta with the close-knit and somewhat crazy Cocker clan." - Violin Vixen Book Blog


Hey there. You look fantastic. What? Right...about me...

I'm a computer genius with patented security inventions so necessary to our future that I am now a very rich genius. But even though I may be well endowed - in the brains department, ahem - I tend to stick my foot where it doesn't belong sometimes. When I say 'foot' I mean something else. I’ve got a lot on my mind what with the hacker I'm unveiling, the stalker in my home, the sexy boss I pissed off by assuming she'd be a man. But don't hate me. Come closer...
I'll explain everything.

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Image by Sam Albury
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Sign: Gemini

Favorite Food: Pizza. Almost any variety but it's gotta be hot. And preferably served alongside his pool table.

Occupation: Computer Coder

Best friend: His cousin, Ben, Jackson's son. Eric, his brothers, doesn't count, but could if we're being literal. Ethan prefers to think of all options and that means his brother is his brother which is above best friend status so why not give Ben the honors since Ben can never be his brother? I know, Ethan's mind is complicated. 

Flaw: Aware of his limitless intellect.


Secret: Followed Hannah and his sister, Emma, to Cascade Springs park that one time, but they had no clue he was hanging out with them. Oh, and Eric was there too. Shhh... Nobody needs to know. 

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Edinburgh City
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