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Time to own the courage

of her family name.

"This was a great read of family and awesome read." - AU TOP 1000 REVIEWER, CAS


I am the oldest of seventeen cousins, the next generation of six brothers whose reputation ricochets through the minds of Atlanta even today. We are as loyal. We are as wild. Our story begins with me, the only who didn't know who her father was until I was five years old and a car accident took my mom away forever. The media won't let me forget, as if I ever could. So when my cousin, Sofia Sol, offers a road trip to Florida on the back of her motorcycle, it's the escape I need.

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Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Food: The Vortex's tator tots. 

Occupation: avoiding the paparazzi.

Best friend: her cousin, Emma, who is Jake's daughter and the second oldest Cocker cousin behind Hannah.

Flaw: scared of the media that never lets her be. 


Secret: She and Emma once snuck out when they were freshman in high school and made out with college boys in Cascade Springs park. They smoked pot and ran away from the boys when the woods made them paranoid. It wasn't pretty. But it was fun. And nobody knows about it but the four who were there.

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