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Freedom is what they gave

and all they wanted.

"Together they are destined to save lives. The story is quite romantic..." — BooksEater Blog

I am second oldest of six brothers - the rebel our congressman father wishes didn't exist. The black sheep, that's me. My motorcycle club - The Ciphers - fights for the innocent and we don't obey the law to get that done. There is a need for us. Victims can't always fight their own battles, but we can and will.

Our latest mission propels our Harleys to California -- the most dangerous job we've faced. Never expected to find a woman standing in our way, with a vendetta of her own. 'Sunshine' won't tell me her name, but I've got her number.

For life.

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Cocker Brother

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Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Food: Melodi's Stew


Occupation: Future President of the Motorcycle Club "The Ciphers" - righter of wrongs in any way possible. Come what may.

Best friend: In his birth family is older brother, Jaxson. In his motorcycle family, Honey Badger.

Flaw: one hell of a temper.


Secret: His father's approval is his biggest dream, and even he won't admit that to himself. 

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