He has a locked soul

only secrets can open.

"...the best Cocker Brother book so far," — U.K. Trips Down Imagination Road Blog


Some might say that I am the bad twin. The dick of the family. But no one knows why except for me. Now I'm planning to change the world. Make it a better place. I've got no time for distractions.


But she was sly. My opponent. Tricky. Sucked me in and lied to my face. What she doesn't get is that when I am faced with a challenge I win.  


Only one thing could stand in the way of that.

Only one.


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Cocker Brother

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Sign: Cancer

Favorite Food: Caviar. Truffles. Bon Bons. Fed to him. Kidding. Or am I?

Occupation: Running for Senator to bring honesty back to The House.

Best friend: Himself. After that, his twin, Jason. 

Flaw: Realist if realism means love is a useless emotion.


Secret: That gets shared in this story. Can't spoil it for you. 

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