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He was the perfection

she loved to hate.

"Hot, enemies to lovers romance." - U.S.A., Violin Vixen Blog


Right in the middle of six brothers, that's me and my twin, Justin. But as much as we look alike we're different. I want the dream - wife, ton of kids, dogs, career success from producing hits my whole life.

Who better to do that with than a pop star who has the voice of an angel? Only trouble is her bitchy assistant makes my life a nightmare every chance she gets.

So why am I starting to like it a little too much?

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Image by Danny Howe
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Cocker Brother

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Sign: Cancer

Favorite Food: Mom's fresh ginger-ale is a food, right? Her chili after that. 

Occupation: Music producer, sound engineering hit songs mostly in the pop genre.

Best friend: His twin, Justin, no contest. 

Flaw: So loyal he's stood by too many who didn't deserve it. Penchant for flawed women...until this story. 


Secret: His brothers know he went downhill during his time with Bernadette (Bernie) that precedes the series. But what they don't know is that once he sat on the carpet outside of the door where she was hooking, and had to listen to her, enduring the pain that caused him. But he needed to make sure she didn't get hurt. That's a memory he holds with him to this day.

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