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He was a man in need

of a miracle.

"Hopkins really brings the town, and it's people, to life, in a way that makes you feel that you're really there." - Trips Down Imagination Road Blog


In late December, a shiny black Harley Davidson takes an unexpected pitstop in the charming, Christmas-loving town of Nevada City, California - population 3057. The plan was to ride onward to San Francisco but when Antonio "Honey Badger" Martinez spots a shy redhead in Victorian costume who is in need of a hero, those plans change.

Can two people find a miracle to call their own?

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Image by Filip Bunkens
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Jett's Cipher

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Sign: Taurus

Favorite Food: Anything Melodi cooks. Which has been damned difficult after he decided to lose the weight and find his woman.

Occupation: Badass biker who's afraid of nothing and no one.

Best friend: Jett Cocker but neither would say it aloud.

Flaw: Not great at conversation.


Secret: The one he now shares with Jett and Luna Cocker is his most sacred and will go with him to his grave. 

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Image by Josh Hild
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