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They fell in love as kids

but were ripped apart.

Until now.

"Make this one a movie!" — UK, T.S. Williams


I am the oldest of six brothers - the quiet rock who lives an hour north of where we all grew up, privately licking the wounds of a love I lost during childhood.

I never thought I would see her again - the only girl who could hold my interest past a minute - but I believe we recognize souls more than faces and there is no denying that the woman kissing that city boy is Rachel Sawyer all grown up and back in Atlanta. Now I know there are boundaries but when it comes to competition, the question isn't do I want to win.

It's how much I'm not willing to lose again.

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Image by Tobias Keller
3 Jaxson Cocker Brothers by Faleena Hopk


Cocker Brother

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Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Food: Rosemary bread he makes at home is second only to Mom's chili. 


Occupation: Cowboy. Sells milk from his cows. Eggs from the chickens. Quiet life on his ranch making due.

Best friend: Jett, his brother and partner in crime all through their school years, up until Jett joined The Ciphers and left Georgia.

Flaw: Not interested in wandering. Homebody maybe to a fault.


Secret: Jaxson took it harder than anyone knew when Jett chanced his mind about moving in together and instead joined The Ciphers. After losing Rachel when he was young, losing his best friend, Jett, as well, made Jaxson sure in his heart that he was meant to be alone forever.  

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Image by Misael Nevarez
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