He found his way home

by accident.

"I seldom write a review, but these six books...mesmerizing. Can't wait to read the children's stories." —USA, Tucson Ladybug


I am the youngest brother, just returned home from time served as a Marine. Left a boy and came back a man. But now every day I run with Aslan, my dog, to escape the ghosts that keep me company. Until something happens that changes everything. Gives me a chance. A job.


A reason to show up.


A woman I love to mess with because her smile dulls my pain. But her boyfriend is our boss, and I just gotta ask myself...


why am I still playing with fire?

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Cocker Brother

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Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Food: BBQ ribs. Mom's chili. Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.

Occupation: Marine now home, time served.

Best friend: Jake, his brother. And Aslan, his Rottweiler.

Flaw: PTSD from what the Marines. Before that, not knowing who he was. That flaw vanished with his service.


Secret: He blames himself for what happened to his buddy overseas. Jeremy holds that ghost close.

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