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Q: How does the series work?

A: It begins with the six brothers, novels 1-6. Then a Christmas novella with a sexy side-character is book 7. Then the Next Generation begins in novel 8 with the grown kids of the Cocker Brothers, where they are now DADS and very involved!


Q: Should I read the series in order?

A: They're technically stand-alones (no cliffhangers) and written in order, but if you want to bounce around and pick and choose, you can! 

All Cocker family members get full-length novels while side characters get novellas. Except for Sean. ;-) I gave him a whole novel.


Q: What if I bounce around?

A: I carefully wrote each book so you never feel lost, and each is a stand alone (no cliffhangers). But they do build on each other as time moves on in the Cocker universe. And there are exciting Easter eggs left for you if you read them in the order designed. 


Q: Are these clean romance? No sex?

A: I've always said when you find your mate there should be hot sex, so...these are STEAMY. Yes to the sex. 


Q: What are the Free Bonus Scenes I heard about?

A: My gift to you since the series began, these are what happens after "The End." of each book. Read DOZENS of them free on my App. 

Scroll down for links!


Q: Do you plan to write books for the rest of the cousins? What about Ben?

A: I do plan to, yes, unless life throws me a curve ball. But if you spread the word and force me to from sheer demand alone, game on!


Q: Is there a way to keep track of all the Cockers? 

A: Yes, download my app for family trees, series timeline, bonus scenes, audiobooks! 


"Faleena Hopkins" in your app store. Log in (it's free!) then click For Everyone section where you'll find these atop the Bonus Scenes.

Have more questions? Email Faleena and her team: FaleenaRep

Download the app now!

Bonus Scenes are what happens after "The End".


Enjoy dozens with zero strings attached, my gift to you since the series began.


I designed this app to entertain you like wild.


Download now for IOS and Android.

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