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Where it all begins...

✨✨✨✨✨ "...this series is a must read." - A Readers Review Site Blog

About to get divorced from a lying cheater, Drew threw courage to the wind and left her small Georgia town for the big city of Atlanta.

Jake placed an ad for a roommate. He was a construction worker. Strong. Dangerously hot. He didn't want to rent to a woman but when their witty banter made him uncharacteristically grin, he broke down and let her in.

Little did they know when he gave her the key it would open the door to fire.

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Image by Christopher Alvarenga
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Cocker Brother

01 Key.png

Sign: Taurus

Favorite Food: Burgers at The Vortex


Occupation: Construction & Water Reclamation 

Best friend: His brother, Jeremy

Flaw: stubborn, arrogant, dangerously hot.


Secret: Jeremy accidentally set the bathroom on fire, but Jake took the heat when they were kids. Never told anyone.

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