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Lexi Cocker

"Brilliant Read!"


Kimberly Lisack - USA Reviewer

Such a wonderful read! Such a real life feel to these love stories. 

Cas - TOP 500 AU Reviewer


Oh just loved Lexi’s story. 

Loved the ending.

Gemma C - UK Reviewer

This has made my top 3 cocker books and considering I have read every single one of the 25(ish) that takes some doing!

What's Lexi's Story?

For a couple of years, wild child LEXI COCKER has been seeing some guy named Brad.


Her brothers, Max and Caden, have TRIED to meet him. 

 Lexi, and their baby sister, Samantha, kept him hidden.

You're about to meet him!

But does a guy she's had to keep secret from a family like The Cockers get to keep a cool chick like Lexi???!


Who does she deserve?

"I loved and laughed all the way through. There was one part that had me in tears. This is a treasure that is now added to my repeat reading list!" - Keryth Belvin USA Reviewer

Author Faleena Hopkins Cocker Brothers B

Heat. Humor. Heart.

Fall in deep love .

"But shouldn't I start with Book 1?"

Nope. I've carefully written the series so that you can start anywhere.


If you love this one and snag others,

Every time Lexi shows up, it'll be like knowing the future when she doesn't!

You'll be Magic.

Buy it for Book Club.

Great share-read.

Or hide her in your pocket.

Your sexy secret. 

Cocker Brothers Series

over a million books lived in. kindle unlimited all-star for 15 months straight.

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