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 1 Jake 777.jpg

Jake Cocker Book 1

A Roommate Romance Novel

4 Jason 777.jpg

Jason Cocker Book 4

A Love Triangle Romance Novel

2 Jett 222.jpg

Jett Cocker Book 2

A Biker Romance Novel

5 Justin 777.jpg

Justin Cocker Book 5

A (sorta) Political Romance Novel

3 Jaxson 777.jpg

Jaxson Cocker Book 3

A Cowboy Romance Novel

6 Jeremy 777.jpg

Jeremy Cocker Book 6

A Marines Romance Novel

08 Hannah Cocker 888.jpg

Hannah Cocker Book 8

A MMA Fighter Romance Novel

11 Emma Cocker 888.jpg

Emma Cocker Book 11

A Billionaire Romance Novel

15 Max Cocker 888.jpg

Max Cocker Book 15

A Romantic Comedy Romance Novel

21 Samantha Cocker  888.jpg

Samantha Cocker Book 21

A Best Friends Romance Novel

24 May 888.jpg

May Cocker Book 24

1940's Prequel To The Family

09 Ethan Cocker 888.jpg

Ethan Cocker Book 9

A Software Genius Romance Novel

12 Eric Cocker 888.jpg

Eric Cocker Book 12

A Sports Romance Novel

16 Nicholas Cocker 888.jpg

Nicholas Cocker Book 16

A Romantic Comedy Romance Novel

23 Wyatt Cocker 888.jpg

Wyatt Cocker Book 23

A Romantic Comedy Romance Novel

20 Billy 888.jpg

Side Characters

are given novellas, sprinkled in

10 Gabriel Cocker  888.jpg

Gabriel Cocker Book 10

A Rockstar Romance Novel

13 Sofia Sol Cocker 888.jpg

Sofia Sol Cocker Book 13

A Biker Romance Novel

18 Caden Cocker  888.jpg

Caden Cocker Book 18

A Doctor Romance Novel

25 Lexi Cocker  888.jpg

Lexi Cocker Book 25

A Romantic Comedy Romance Novel

Author Faleena Hopkins Cocker Brothers B


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