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  1. Enjoy all three audiobooks of the series with fantastic dual narration exclusively on the Faleena Hopkins App. 
  2. To unlock your perk, email your donation receipt to:
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  1. Perks of Wolf Mate
  2. See behind the scenes photos before the world does
  3. Send us a rock painted with your initials to be included in a mosaic used in the movie to P.O. Box 9651, Seattle, WA, 98109 
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  1. Perks of Wolf Mate. 
  2. Perks of Alpha Wolf. 
  3. Movie Voucher when the film releases online. 
  4. Werewolves of Chicago Backpack. 
  5. Your name included in the Special Thanks credits, end of the movie!
Solar Eclipse

Ebooks are currently free to promote the movie. Curragh (Curr-ogg) and his pack of werewolves use their supernatural aggression to rid Chicago of the evil that is Viktor Kruglov. But they’re not the only ones trying to take the Russian down. A female detective is now too close for comfort. They have to keep their identities secret from her and the world we live in.  How can they remove Kara Monaghan from the situation before she gets hurt when Curragh doesn’t want her gone?

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Solar Eclipse

Sometimes your greatest wrong is also right. Xavier accidentally heard the worst thing a person, or wolf, could hear, and immediately took heroic action. But now he’s falling for the widow despite all of the evil he and his pack are facing. But how can he tell Emily the truth? It was he who made her wear all black. THE FINAL BOOK IN WEREWOLVES OF CHICAGO.

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Solar Eclipse

Some wolves must earn their way into the pack. They’ve been assisted by a doctor who is willing to keep their secret, because he was born one of them. But this scrawny Wolf M.D. had it rough, bullied and stunted in growth, until a single act of  bravery changed more than their minds. Now he must learn to control his new powers lest he hurt the human woman he loves. It’s time to teach a boy to become a Wolf.

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Solar Eclipse

In May 2022 you can enjoy dual narration by the talented Mike Carnes & Brytanie Talty on your favorite platform, or get them included with your Wolf Mate donation above. In this series we have underground caves. Werewolf vigilantes as the good guys. Steam for days and jumping from roof to roof. It's one hell of a ride. Welcome to Werewolves of Chicago!

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